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within the exact time window, you will be notified as much in advance as is possible. 

Ultimately, the delivery windows are a guide and we are not contractually bound to deliver 

within the stipulated time period. What we do guarantee is that your order will be delivered 

within 24 hours of the time of your selected delivery window. That said, majority of our 

customers’ orders are delivered within their chosen delivery window and it is always our 

goal to achieve this.

Communicating With You During Order Processing

While processing your order, we may need to contact you to discuss availability of some of 

your items and any replacements we may want to suggest to you. At checkout, we ask 

customers their preferred means of us communicating with them (phone call or SMS/email). 

Whichever medium you select, we request you to have access to it so you can respond in a 

timely manner so as to allow us process and deliver your order within your preferred 

delivery window. Customers who are late in responding may have their delivery 

rescheduled in order not to delay delivery of other customer orders slated for the same 


Access To Your Delivery Location

We always endeavour to deliver your order directly to your doorstep, however if access to 

your location is limited due to a dilapidated road, flooding, road blocks, civil unrest or any other encumbrances, then we will require you to notify us in advance and also to meet the 

delivery driver at a convenient and more accessible location. Failure to notify us of any such 

issues may result in a delay and/or rescheduling of your delivery or a cancellation of your 


Access Within Your Building

Our delivery drivers are very happy to carry your order to your doorstep and even into your 

home, if you want them to. If your building has an elevator, the drivers will bring the order to 

any floor you’re on. If, however, the building has no elevator, the highest floor the drivers 

will walk up to is the 4th floor (assuming the ground floor is the 1st floor). Also, if your order 

contains large and/or heavy individual items such as water refill bottles, the driver will only 

walk up to the 2nd floor (assuming the ground floor is the 1st floor) if the building has no 


Meeting Our Delivery Driver

In order to enable our delivery drivers effect timely deliveries, they are mandated to wait a 

maximum of 15 minutes for each customer to receive their orders from them. After 

contacting a customer (either by phone call or SMS) and the customer is either 

unresponsive or fails to show up after 15 minutes, the driver will leave and another delivery 

attempt may be made which may be subject to an extra charge. Also note that Kibuye App

will not be liable for any damage caused to products (such as fresh meat and vegetables or 

frozen produce) as a result of the additional time the products spend due to a customer 

being unresponsive and/or unavailable to take delivery of such products.

Return and Refund Policy

If we deliver an incorrect or damaged item (damage that has been caused by us), we will 

happily replace the item at no additional cost to you. For us to replace such items, 

customers will need to notify the delivery driver of their observation at the point of delivery. 

Once customers have taken delivery of their order and signed confirming this, they take 

ownership of the items and Kibuye App will be unable to accept any returns. For this 

reason, we ask customers to carefully check and confirm the accuracy of their order with 

the delivery driver before acknowledging receipt by signing. Kibuye App will not accept 

returns for items that have no material damage to them. Products that are materially intact 

but whose packaging may have scratches, peels, tearing, dents, discolouration, rust, or any other aesthetic impairment that does not affect the taste, functionality or integrity of the 

actual product may not be accepted by Kibuye App as a return.


If an item you ordered is unavailable, we will continue to check for the item until it is back in 

stock. If, after our checks, the item remains out of stock, any credit due to you will be added 

to your Kibuye App eWallet. We do not process refunds to bank accounts.

In instances where your address is not within our delivery coverage locations or we later 

receive a payment which did not reflect in our account at the time you made it, we may 

process a refund to your account after deducting relevant bank charges.

Treatment Of Our Employees

Kibuye App employees always strive to please customers and often go to extra lengths to 

ensure customers are fully satisfied with the service. We expect that our customers will 

accord the same courtesy and respect to all our employees they may engage with via email, 

over the phone or in person. Our employees mean a lot to us and without them, we will not 

be able to provide the level of service we offer our customers. So, while we will be patient 

with customers, we will not tolerate any written, verbal or physical abuse to our employees 

by anyone. Any breach of this by a customer may result in our refusal to fulfill the 

customer’s order. In such an instance, if the items in the customer’s order have already 

been picked and paid for, we may decide not to deliver to the customer’s location and 

instead require the customer to pick up the order at a location of our choosing. If, however, 

the items have not been purchased, we may process a refund after deducting relevant 

bank, transactional and operational charges and costs Kibuye App may have incurred. 

Kibuye App reserves the right to report any incidence of abuse to the appropriate law 

enforcement authorities.